Flame-Retardant Dream Homes That Produce Net-Zero Energy

A Net Zero, Fire-Retardant Home for a Changing World

The demand for SIDCO’s net zero, fire-resistant home is growing as both homeowners and builders look for more sustainable and safer housing solutions.

A SIDCO net zero fire-retardant home can be built quickly and help mitigate the damage caused by wildfires brought on by the impact of climate change. Communities have been devastated throughout California and beyond.

The need for a 100% energy-efficient and fire-resistant home has arrived.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve been helping people protect their homes and the environment by building flame-retardant, self-sustaining homes with net-zero energy.

Protect Your Memories and Our Environment

Prevent Damage From Fires
Create Your Own Energy
Combat Global Warming

All SIDCO Homes come with these building innovations:

What is the Problem?

The problem is the impact global warming and climate change are having on our lives and our planet. Our goal is to mitigate the impact.

We know that we have to reduce carbon emissions. Many of these greenhouse gases occur naturally, but human activity is increasing the concentration of some of them in the atmosphere, particularly CO2 produced by human activities, which is the largest contributor to global warming. Since 2020 its concentration in the atmosphere has risen above its pre-industrial levels.

Ready to Talk?


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We’ll discuss how to build the flame-retardant home of your dreams with net-zero energy


We make your dreams become a reality. You live happily ever after with minimal impact on the environment

At Our Initial Meeting We Will:

  1. Discuss the “must haves” for your dream home.
  2. Share our proven process for creating flame-retardent homes with net-zero energy.
  3. Answer any questions you may have regarding the process, pricing, or financing.


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We’re on a mission to revolutionize how homes are built in California. Our safer, self-sustaining construction process will protect you, your family, and your belongings from fires as well as reduce your contribution to global warming, which is the cause of most forest fires we experience today.